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Changing VCache Settings in Windows 95

One problem with Win95 is that by default the size of the file cache is unrestricted. (NOTE: Don't worry about this for Windows98.  They seem to have cleared up this problem with Win98, finally).  This means that all available memory will eventually get filled up with file data, which will cause the virtual memory system to start swapping out pages from executing  applications. When something needs to be executed from a page that has been swapped out, it takes time to pull it back in off the disk. While this is happening, the CD recorder's buffer could drain completely.

The procedure is simple:

1.Open the file SYSTEM.INI with a text editor. This file is usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI.

2.Find the section labeled "[vcache]".

3.Add the following lines *after* the "[vcache]" line:
MinFileCache = 512
MaxFileCache = 4096

4.Save the changes to the file, and reboot.

The [vcache] change has reportedly cured severe buffer underrun problems with some versions of CDRWin and removed popping noises during digital audio extraction with Easy CD Creator.  It's a good thing to do to any PC running Win95.  It's not clear whether this will help with Win98, but it doesn't seem to hurt.

A common rule of thumb is to set maxfilecache to 25% of your RAM, up to a maximum of 16MB. Because of (actual or perceived) bugs in Win95, some people recommend setting minfilecache to the same value.


Credits:  This is an edited version of a message originally written by "PSX Pirate" on the PSX Copy Discussion Forum


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