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MOD Chips vs. Game Enhancers vs. Swap Method

Ok... the first thing you have to understand here is this - you have to use SOME method to defeat the copy protection built into the PSX that you CANNOT copy when you make a backup of a PSX game.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this.  If you do what I'm talking about, and you have chosen not to use a MOD chip and have oped either for the Game Enhancer/Pro Action Replay or swap meathod, this is for you.

Next thing you need to understand is that the Game Enhancer/PAR is far from perfect.  What it does (as I'm sure you know), is allows you to put an original in the PSX, then boot that game, then swap it for your backup.  The problem with this lies in games with more than just one data track.  You see, when it loads the CD, it also loads the Table of Contents, including how many tracks are on this disc.   So let's say you're trying to play a game that has around 10 audio tracks in it (not too uncommon), but you boot with a disc that only has 3 audio tracks on it.   Well, whenever the game looks for audio tracks 4-10, it's going to hang.   Sometimes it won't even work unless you use a game by the same company (eg, a lot of EA (Electronic Arts) games will boot EA games, where other non-EA games won't). 

If you are looking for a good all-around original to boot with, go get a copy of Tomb Raider 1 or 2 - it has 60 some odd tracks on it, I believe.

The same holds true for the swap meathod, since it's doing the same thing as the GE is.

Your best bet, is, of course, to get a MOD chip and not worry about these kinds of things in the first place!


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