The Ultimate How-To Guide For Copying PSX Games

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Troubleshooting Backup Problems

There is something you have to realize before you even get started reading this page.  First thing is this: just because one solution works for someone, that doesn't mean it's going to work for you in your situation.  You have to keep an open mind here, and read through all the possibilities and make an educated guess as to which one will work for you.  Not that trying them all is going to hurt anything, but it's probably going to take longer to find the true source of your problem(s).

Read THIS SECTION if you have a question concerning your specific CD-R drive.   Most of your problems can be solved by reading the information I've already written about them.

If you are unsure of where your problem exists, keep reading...

If you're not using CDRWin, this might not help you much.  ALL of my solutions are based on CDRWin, simply because it was MADE to backup PSX games, and it's the best at doing so.  If you don't have it, go here to get it.  If you can't use it, I'm sorry.

Now, here's my quick troubleshooting guide... answer the questions, and you'll probably find your solution:

  1. Do you have a 100x model PlayStation?  If yes, click here.   If no, continue.

  2. Are you using a MOD chip?  If yes, continue.  If no, click here.

  3. Are you sure that your MOD chip is working?  If yes, continue.  If no, click here for info on how to see if you're making good backups, but possibly have a faulty MOD chip.

  4. Are you getting any software errors during the copy process?   If yes, click here.  If no, continue.

  5. Are you using media that's compatible with your drive?  If you're unsure, click here to view a list of compatible media with your drive.  If you're sure it's ok, continue on.

  6. Are you reading/writing at 2X or slower?  If no, try that before continuing on.  If yes, continue.

  7. Are your computer settings correct?  If you're unsure (in other words, if you haven't already changed them), click here.  If yes, continue.

  8. Are all of your drivers and firmware up to date?  If yes, continue.  If no, click here for a list of CD-R drives and the drivers/firmware you need for them.

  9. If you've gotten this far, try posting on the discussion area with your problem, or feel free to e-mail me your question.


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