The Ultimate How-To Guide For Copying PSX Games

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Other Methods For Playing Backups

Note that I do not condone the use of MOD Chips, the "swap method", or by using a device like the  Pro Action Replay (also known as a "Game Enhancer" by some people).  I do not support any of these products/methods.  If you wish to use them, do so at your own risk.  Or try them on a friends' PSX, so long as you're bigger than they are.   I am not responsible for that rat in the corner, either.

Now, if you don't want to put a MOD Chip in your PSX, (and you shouldn't if you don't know what you're doing) there are some other options available to you.  One is called the swap method.  This involves (surprise!) swapping an original game (that has the American bar code on it) with a backup or foreign game and 'tricking' the PSX into playing the game.  The PSX has tolerances built in that allow it to wait a certain period of time before 'giving up' on loading a game.  By taking advantage of these tolerances, we can play backups and foreign games in an un-modded PSX.  Read all about it here.

Another way to play these other games is by going out and buying a device called the Game Enhancer.  This is a 'box' that plugs into the back of your PSX.  It goes by many, many names... one of which is the Pro Action Replay.    I'm not going to tell you where to get one, how much they cost or anything like that.  I picked one up myself, but I'm glad I've got my MOD chip - it's a pain in the butt to get those things to work with certain games, as is outlined by my Game Enhancer section.  Read all about it here.  If you really want to know where to get one, go to my Disucssion Area and post a message about it.  Someone will get back to you, I'm sure :).


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