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Media, Media, Media...

There are SO many things one can say about this subject.  I'm going to try and be as objective as possible here, and keep it short and sweet for those of you trying to dig for certian information.

First of all, if you're looking for the right media to buy for your specific drive, check HERE first.  It outlines what people have had good and bad experience with.

If you are wondering why it makes a difference what media you buy, keep reading.

What Kind of CD-R Discs Should I Buy?

Ok.  This is a highly debated subject, but let me start by saying this:  what I am about to say has *FACTUAL* evidence to back it up, not personal speculation as most people use when commenting on this subject.  I'm going to start basic, then get more detailed as we 'dig deeper' on this subject.  I've seen so many false claims about media differences it's time to clear the air, once and for all...

Depending on who you ask, you'll get a different answer about which media is the best to use for PSX backups.  Normally this might mean that SOMEONE has to be wrong, but in this case that may not be true.  There are a lot of different brands out there to choose from, and there is no one brand that is truly 'outstanding' above any other, however some are DEFINITELY better than others.

A general consensus about media is this:  don't buy cheap discs.  If you do, you're asking for it.  Many people claim a lot of success with the Verbatim Data Life Plus media (as do I).  There is a good following for the TDK (blue/green) and KAO discs as well.   What do other people say about it?  Well, I'm not going to list everyone I know here, but I will go over some of the more reputable places...

Goldenhawk Technolgy (makers of CDRWin) have this to say about it:

"We only recommend Mitsui, Philips, Kodak, and TDK brand discs. Many people have reported problems with Maxell, Verbatim, and other 'cheaper' discs." (excerpt from

I find it interesting that they label Verbatim as "cheap", but they may be referring to the Verbatim Golds - which are not near as good as the Data Life Plus'.

Mitsumi recommends Kodak, TDK, and Taiyo Yuden brand CD-R media. They say:

"These three brands have been tested and found to work best with the Mitsumi CD-R.  Please understand the CD-R industry is not yet standardized and not all CD-R media is going to work with all CD-R’s. " (excerpt from

So that's 2 votes for Kodak and TDK by manufacturers...

Another popular question is:   "What's the difference if I use blue, green or gold discs?"  Now, as much as you're probably going to balk at this - CD DRIVES ARE COLOR BLIND.  The color of the disk doesn't mean anything so far as the quality of the disc.  You can have a gold/green disc from Company X in one hand, and a gold/green disc from Company Y in the other, and get COMPLETELY different results in the same drive with the two.  The better question is, "What's the best BRAND of media for my DRIVE?"  Once you understand that no color is purely superior to another, you can see that the brand name can mean a lot to your drive.  You also have to understand that there are a number of factors to consider when purchasing CD-R media: the  manufacturer of the media, type of CD-R drive you have, how old your PSX is and how you did the burn process.  If you really want to know all about what the different colored discs are all about, this should satisfy your curiosity.

If you want to know what brands of CD-R's work here's a short list of media and other info I've compiled.

Now, for those of you who don't agree with me, read this before you start badmouthing anything I've said so far.

If you're still reading, and still want to know more, this page gets a little more technical on the subject.

If you have any personal experiences you'd like to contribute to this area, please e-mail me with the following information:

- Your computer specs (RAM, MHz, hard drive size and type (IDE or SCSI), and Operating System type)
- Your burner specs (Make, model and interface)
- Type of media you're reporting on, and approximately how many successful and unsuccessful burns you've had with this media.
- Your PSX model.
- What method you use for playing your backups (mod/swap/plug-in device).

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