The Ultimate How-To Guide For Copying PSX Games

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Getting Started Copying PlayStation Games


Now, keep in mind that your PlayStation CAN play backups without any modifications to it.  However, it involves other methods to make it work correctly.  The preferred way is certainly modding you PSX.  This is a choice you will have to make, depending on your experience, and your patience.

Once you've met all of those qualifications, you'll need to find some software to copy the original PSX game with.  As I said before, I only recommend using CDRWin, which you can get from   Be careful about using 'cracks' with this software - they have protection built in against that stuff, and you can have a pile of coasters on your hands faster than you can say "warez". :)

So your computer is all setup, and you're still willing, huh?  Ok.  Here are some Walkthrough's, courtesy of (another great site - go check them out sometime!).  Select the walkthrough you want from the list below:

Walkthrough for CDRWin

Walkthrough for Nero

Walkthrough for Prassi

Walkthrough for DAO

Walkthrough for Adaptec Easy CD Creator

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