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Disabling Event Software

"Event Software" is what I call any software that runs at a certain time, usually without your input.  This can include SCREEN SAVERS, fax auto-answering services, and some Anti-Virus software.  One way to check is to run the HD defragmenter in Win95/98.  If it restarts every few seconds, it's because something is hitting the drive.  Make sure any such software is disabled (you can re-enable it after you're done recording) while you burn.

To ensure that all programs have been disabled, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, and look at the task list.  The only two items you should have running are "Explorer" and "Systray" (some may not have Systray - if you don't, don't worry about it).

Credits:  This is an edited version of a message originally written by "PSX Pirate" on the PSX Copy Discussion Forum

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