The Ultimate How-To Guide For Copying PSX Games

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How to copy multi-session/copy protected/games with rouge tracks...

NOTE:  These instructions are for games that people have already copied, but have placed "protection" on the disc in some form or fashion.  These instructions are NOT for games with "mod chip sensing" or other types of copy protection built into them.  For information on how to do that, look here.  Also keep in mind that CloneCD will copy many of these games without any extra steps just perfectly - however, your CD-R must be able to read and write in RAW format, which many do not.

The CD that I'm using in my example is a muti-session disc that has all of my covers for my PSX stuff on it. I made it with Adaptec, and I just add onto it every now and again as I need to... this particular version has 2 sessions.

Open CDRWin. Go to the extract disc/tracks/sectors option.

On the top bar, select "Select Sectors"

Pick a filename... you're going to need one filename per track... it doesn't matter what you call it (just like a normal backup).

Ok... once you've done THAT, you're going to need to right-click on the first track. My first track is a MODE2 track. Here's what mine looks like:

Get a pen or something and write down the starting and ending sectors. in my example above, the starting sectors are 000000, and the ending sectors are 016574. (see the #'s next to the LBA there? that's what you want.)

Now, hit OK and we'll put the info we need into CDRWin... here's my CDRWin screen:

See the Start and End boxes? Those need to be filled out with the numbers you wrote down before. And on the Datatype, you'll need to select whatever MODE you're going for... for PSX stuff, it'd be Mode 2 Raw (2352) for the DATA track, and, of course, AUDIO - CDDA for each of the Audio track(s) that the game has.... also, make sure you put the error recovery to ignore and disable the jitter correction.... note the setting of INTEL for file format, too.

You should see the track(s) in here for the HK/whatever disc. If so, you don't want to copy it. Just go to the Mode 2 track (data) of the game, and, of course, any audio tracks will need to be copied. You'll have to do the above procedure for each track separately... after you get them all read, you'll have to build your own CUE sheet... this is the fun part :)

You might wanna go look for a program called CDRCue by DC Software Design... they have a program that will build cue sheets for you.... If you can find their site at if you're interested.

If you want to try it yourself, great... if not, this is how you would do a 'generic' PSX game....:

TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
INDEX 01 00:00:00
INDEX 01 00:00:00


So that's how you do it... :)

If you get really stuck, let me know... I kinda rushed doing this, soooo I might have left out something (I hope not)... let me know.

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