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How To Patch A PlayStation Game

A number of people kept asking me about this... how to do it, why you need it, ect ect ect.  Recently, all the rules changed when Capcom released Dino Crisis in the US and put anti-MODchip protection on it.  This blew the minds of many people, because no U.S. game was ever to have this kind of "copy protection" on it due to the U.S. copyright laws that, in a nutshell, state you are allowed to make one backup copy of any software you own.  Now, the fact that it's just got anti-MOD protection and not anti-copy protection like some of the UK and Japanese releases says something - it's almost like Capcom is "testing the water" with this game.  Although I'm no lawyer, I believe this is in direct violation of the US Copyright laws - but it seems to follow on the heels of the Sega DreamCast's release into the U.S. - which has (at this time) uncopyable CD's - also a violation of this law.  I'm wondering how long it will be until someone gets enough balls to sue these companies, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, now that Dino Crisis (US) has been anti-mod chip protected (basically it's the same as the Japanese release of Dino Crisis - if you have a MOD chip in your PSX, when you try and play this game, you'll get some Japanese writing on the screen with a big 'ole "NO" symbol on the screen), residents in the US are begining to familiarize themselvs with the fine art of patching these games so they can play them without having to remove their MOD chips.  (Some of the better Stealth Chips will get around this, as will a switch on your MOD chip, or the right Game Enhancer codes entered before starting the game).  This is a big change for a lot of people... and not having much time recently has kept me from writing a good tutorial on it... however, the same guy who made Violator's PSX Covers Page happened to put together a how-to on patching... you can find that info HERE.   Great job, and thanks for allowing me to link to your great info!

You can find all the patches you'll ever need from Game Copy World.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Vandal Hearts 2 (NTSC U/C) has become the 2nd game with 'protection' on it, but it appears to only affect people playing the game on a PAL PSX (xx02 model).   There is also a patch available for this game.

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