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What Are MOD Chips?

A Mod Chip is a hardwired circuit chip that basically fools your PlayStation into believing there is a boot sector available on the CD as well as feeding the PlayStation all country codes <PAL, NTSC J,  and NTSC U/C> instead of one or the other. Also called a territorial boot sector, what a PlayStation does is check this area and allows you to boot the game. The Mod Chip has these codes hardwired right onto the chip, so when you boot the PlayStation, it thinks your CD is from the correct country, even if it isn’t. A Mod chip will allow you to play all PSX game formats. US, Euro, Japanese, etc. The “swap trick” is not necessary when using a MOD Chip. You can play import games by loading and playing them, regardless of the game's country of origin, and regardless if the game is made for your version PlayStation, PAL or NTSC. The chip lets you load and play every game you own for your PlayStation.  You can also play CD-R backups of PlayStation games you own. When you “backup” one of your PlayStation games via CD-R, you cannot replicate the Territorial Boot Sector. Thus, if you were to try to play a game without the MOD Chip, the game would not boot. The Territorial Boot Sector is analogous to a Boot Sector on a hard drive. Without a boot sector, the computer does not know what to do or where to boot. The Mod Chip is the Boot PROM for your PlayStation. 

Q) Can the chip damage my PlayStation?

A) In a word: No. The chip or the programming in the chip can not cause your PlayStation to be harmed provided it has been installed correctly. All the chip contains is the Territorial Boot Sector <or the bypass  for it depending on the brand of chip>, nothing more.

Q) The MOD Chip seems almost to good to be true, what are the drawbacks?

A) There are only a couple of drawbacks to the MOD Chip and they are these.

#1. You instantly void the Sony warranty by opening the PlayStation case.
#2. If you make a mistake in putting it in, you can fry your PlayStation.
#3.  Certain games have code written in them that look for MOD chips.  These games (such as Dino Crisis) will not boot with a MOD chip installed in your system.   However, as is always the case, there's always a way around this - either by putting a switch on your MOD chip, entering certain codes in a GameEnhancer, or running a crack on the program, it will disable this anti-MOD protection.

That’s really about the only drawbacks there are.

Q) Ok, so what's a "stealth" chip?

A) Stealth chips are chips that attempt to turn themselves off before a game 'looks' for them.  The early models of these chips were very buggy, but ever since Steve from ModChipsUK came out with his Muti-Mode chip, I have full confidence in these chips (as a matter of fact, I have one in my PSX.)  He's also done neat stuff like use one of the pinouts for an LED so you can see when it's working, and made a special mode for games like Dino Crisis so they get around the anti-mod protection easily.  I highly recommend that if you're in the market for a MOD chip, get a Muti-Mode chip!

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