The Ultimate How-To Guide For Copying PSX Games

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General Questions/Answers About PSX Copying

Here's a basic overview of the most commonly asked questions about PlayStation copying...

What do I need to copy PlayStation games?

Can I make copies of copies?

How do I copy a "copy protected" game?

How do I patch a game?

What is the difference between PAL and NTSC?  What does it mean?

What's a MOD-Chip?

What's a Game-Enhancer (a.k.a., Pro Action Replay)?

What's the deal with GE's?  Why won't my game play right?

What's the "swap trick"?  How do I do it?

How do I copy games larger than 650MB?

What happens when you put a CD in the microwave?

What can I do with a 'coaster'?


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