The Ultimate How-To Guide For Copying PSX Games

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Can I Make Copies of Copies?

In a word: yes.  However, you have to make a GOOD copy before you can make future copies of that copy!  What does 'good' mean?  It means that you have to do it right.   You have to have a good image of the original game, and you have to write the second generation disc properly for it to be good the next time around.  So how do you do this?  Read on...

Make sure the original is CLEAN!

If you have a bad original, there's no way you're going to make a better copy!  Make sure you get all the greasy fingerprints off the disc with some rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls or one of the widly available CD cleaning kits (well worth the investment, trust me!).  If the CD is really scratched and pitted up (as many are when you get them unless they were taken care of properly) then you might have a problem.  You may even need to slow down the reading process to 1X and increase the Read Retry rate on CDRWin.

Make sure your blank is CLEAN!

This might seem like a non-issue to many people, but a lot of you don't know that a little peice of lint can ruin a brand new blank CD-R.  Even when they're shrink-wrapped in a jewel case, that doesn't mean they're free from dust.   LOOK at EVERY CD-R before you put in your drive!  Consider investing in a can of that compressed air - it'll pay for itself in saved coasters.  Spray off the blank, and spray off your caddy/tray before putting the blank in there.  This will help insure you get a good copy.

Keep it slow!

By burning too fast, you risk coasters with cheap media.   Also by burning too fast, you risk making an uncopyable (but playable) second generation disc.  Many of you have found this out first-hand - you copy a game, it plays just fine.  But when you try and make a copy of that game, although your software says it made a perfect copy, when you try and play it, you get nothing but a coaster as far as the PSX is concerned.  See my section about CD-R Media for a better explination of why this is, but for sake of saving space here, just believe me on this one.

Use good media for good results!

I can't tell you this enough: use good media.  Hi-Vals and other 'cheap' brands can work just fine in any PSX.  However, you'll find that more often than not you'll end up with a bum disc for making a third generation copy.   See my section on media for a more detailed explination of this.

Make sure your computer and CD-R are setup properly!

Many times just having the wrong setting on your computer can create a disc that works just fine in your PSX, but won't work as a master for another copy.  Check here for proper computer settings, and check here to make sure your drive is setup correctly.


If you follow the above directions, you should have no problems making 3rd, 4th or nth generation copies of your PSX games.


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