The Ultimate How-To Guide For Copying PSX Games

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How to copy games that are larger than 650MB


This is an easy one:  YOU DON'T!

Simply because *ALL* PlayStation games that are larger than 650MB come on (guess what!) 2 or more CD's!

Now, it's comletely possible for you to find a game who's IMAGE file becomes larger than 650MB when you're copying it.   This is completely normal.  Whenever a program like CDRWin copies a game, it creates a binary image of the disc.  This binary information is actually larger than the actual data it's copying, because your hard disk stores information differently than a CD does.   To a CD, 1K of information is 1000 bytes.  To your hard disk, it's 1024 bytes.   That extra 24 bytes adds up real quick!  There is also some added overhead that CDRWin has, so this makes it even bigger.  This always makes an image file that's larger than the original disc (I've seen them as large as 740MB, but I'm not sure how big they get to be honest).  However, once the image is re-written to the disc, it goes back to it's 'normal' size of 650MB or less.

Now, some PC games are bigger than 650MB.  I've heard (but don't know for sure) that Tomb Raider III (PC) does this.   If you wish to get more information on this, do a search for 'overburning' on the CD-ROM Guide or some place like that - I'm sure you can find the information there.


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